Broad Bean Crimson Flowered 40 seeds


A heritage variety with beautiful crimson flowers. The pods are short and upright. Great plant in the vegetable garden and even in the ornamental border.

Sow the broad beans in late January (under protection) - April.

Sow in double or single rows or in blocks. Plant at about 4-5cm deep and 20-25cm apart. Space the double rows 20-25 cm apart and leave 60-80 cm between two double rows, this way the plants protect each other from wind. Or sow the broad bean seeds in single rows, leave about 40 cm between the rows. Alternatively sow the seeds inside in February and plant the broad bean plants out when about 40 cm tall. A 9 cm pot required for each seedling.

After sowing the beans need little attention, make sure you keep the seeds moist during germination which should be in about 10 days after sowing.

Keep weed free in the spring. Protect from blackfly if  necessary, but autumn sowing minimises blackfly problem. Pinch out the growing tips when the plants are in full flower, this will help against black flies and the plants will produce larger pods.

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