Fennel Bronze 100 seeds


Fennel Bronze ( Foeniculum vulgare Purpureum) is a herbaceous perennial. Grows up to 2 metres tall. The plants have upright growing habit and they form a small clump. The foliage is finely divided, fern like. Browinsh - red foliage when young, later turns into green. These herb seeds are really aromatic and the tiny flowers are yellow. A really beautiful plant, suits any herb or flower garden.

Sow the fennel seeds direct outside in a well prepared sunny spot. Sow seeds about 1 cm deep April-May when the temperatures reach 13-18 Celsius. Leave about 40 cm between the rows. Or sow inside February - April in seed trays and plant out May - June.

When the fennel seedlings are large enough to handle thin out leaving about 30 cm between the plants.

Keep the plants well watered especially in hot, dry periods. You can use the leaves as soon as they are about 20 cm tall, making sure you don't cut off all of the leaves; and the plant will produce more foilage after cutting.

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