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The Most Popular Vegetables and Herbs

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender October 6, 2012 Posted No Tags Comment 1 Comment
most popular vegetables and herbs

The small team here at Seed Parade got together and processed the last 3 years sales figures. Based on entirely on that here you can find what are the nation's most popular vegetables and herbs to grow from seeds. It is an interesting but somewhat predictable result. I wouldn't have thought myself that tomatoes are so ahead of everything else and that basil is so popular. My bet was on parsley really. What is your favourite veg and herb?  

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Rising food prices in the UK and around the world

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender September 26, 2012 Posted No Tags Comment No Comments
bread and flour

I am sure we can all feel the rising prices of food this year, and according to many different reports this is only the start. Is this only scaremongering or the prices really will go up even more? Probably they will rise even further and at a higher rate I think. And of course we can blame the rising food prices on the weather. Here in the UK we had a really difficult growing season, and as you can imagine it was difficult for all the big food producers too, not just for us home gardeners. September is the apple harvest in the UK and elsewhere in Europe too, and farmers report 25% less crop which according to experts will mean at least 20% rice in apple prices in the coming months. Heavy rain here in Britain and drought in the US, Russia, Ukraine and Australia (the biggest producer

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Battle of the Giant Veg

Person Author: Helen Fowler Calender September 19, 2012 Posted Tags: , Comment 3 Comments

Among all the wonderful displays and classes of flowers, fruit and vegetables at this years Harrogate Autumn Flower Show, one of the highlights must be the giant vegetable classes. The growing of giant vegetables is a great hobby with many folks, but for some it borders on an obsession. These folks dedicate all their gardens and plots over to the growing of huge perfect speciemen vegetables, hoping to beat not only their fellow competitors, but to hopefully grow a world record breaking vegetable. These exhibition growers give so much of their time and so much effort to produce amazing produce, showing what can be done with seed and soil, combined with dedication. On show were simply amazing vegetables, huge cabbages, marrows, beans, tomatoes and potatoes. One of the giant vegetable clas

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Free seeds for schools

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender July 9, 2012 Posted No Tags Comment 12 Comments

We did ran this before and was very successful. I know it is not the best time of the year as schools are closing now for the summer holidays (I wonder what happens to their veggie garden), and planting does not really happen any more; but it is the best time of year for us to send some free seeds for schools. Schools are our priority and we do get more than enough schools to send seeds to so please DO NOT get in touch if you are not a school; I know that there are hundreds of other good causes to support with free seeds but hey we only have limited stock for free to give away. You can always buy some really cheap veg seeds, we always have some big discounts on. We well send the seeds ONLY to the schools addresses and only within the UK. All you have to do is email us the school addr

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Bank Holiday Madness.

I called in at my local garden nursery today, I was wanting some of that  black weed fabric to cover a weedy patch. As I walked through the doors, everywhere were bedding plants, hanging baskets and trays and pots of vegetables. There were thousands of them, and it struck me, Bank Holiday Madness! People will be flocking in droves to Garden Centres, DIY Stores and Garden Nurseries this Bank Holiday weekend, spending lots of money on 'tender' plants and vegetables. Folks will be attracted by exotic colours of lovely bedding plants, and the thoughts of 'growing your own' will tempt many to purchase tomatoes, cucumbers and chillies with very little thought to the plants needs beyond pots and compost. While this is of course is great and wonderful, I wish more information wa

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Peat-free compost campaign to cut carbon emission

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender March 8, 2010 Posted Tags: Comment No Comments

A new campaign was launched today by Defra secretary in Kew Gardens (peat free since 1992) to encourage gardeners to use peat free compost. Amateur gardeners use around 70% of the peat extracted for the industry and half of the peat that we use is from abroad which makes the carbon footprint caused by peat extraction even bigger. The horticulture industry uses about three million cubic metre of peat each year. Many gardeners do not even realize that the compost they buying contains peat, and it is in the grow bags too. The excavation damages wild habitats and the peat soils are great carbon stores. The aim is to make the home gardener go peat free by 2020. So watch out in the garden centre, check the label on the compost bag and make your decision. So, what compost you want to sow yo

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Gardening News – Retailers offer carrot plug plants at £1.09 each

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender March 7, 2010 Posted Tags: , , Comment No Comments

This week's breaking news in the gardening world is that some retailers sell carrot plug plants at really high price. The highest price was 1.09, but after the famous Which? approached the company, it has stopped selling the plugs. Wow, well done Which?. Other retailers offer the carrots from 44p a piece, and it is still a poor value for money. OK, so some gardeners do want to grow veggies from plug plants, and it is understandable that you can buy tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers as plugs, in the end you will have more then 1 fruit from one plant. One carrot plant will produce only one carrot though and, well for 44p or 109p it is not exactly a grow your own and save money project, is it?! And it is really easy and popular to grow carrots from seed, and most of the seed retailers offer gre

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About F1 Hybrid Seeds

Person Author: Lajos Szabo Calender February 23, 2010 Posted Tags: , , Comment No Comments

Most fruits and vegetables grown around the world by farmers are hybrids, especially the ones ending up in the shops. These varieties created from interbreeding two or more separate strains. Over generations of selective breeding and cross fertilizing, hybrid plants and therefore the fruits can be tailored to have any specific characteristics. They may have larger fruits, longer shelf life, sweeter fruits, faster growth or greater resistance to pests and diseases. Simply put if two open pollinated varieties are crossed the first generatin, know as F1 hybrids, has the dominant qualities of its parents. As a result F1 varieties can produce more abundant crops than either of their parent varieties. In the real world it is much complicated than that, plant breeders work hard to develop new

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