Seeds for Sprouting

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Mung Bean 600 seeds

Produce your own bean sprouts! These mung bean seeds are to produce bean sprouts. Delicious in salads and stir fries. Very healthy. Just soak the seeds for 12 hours and a jar and drain. Rinse the seeds then add a liitle water every day. Ready in 3 - 4 days.
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Alfalfa 2500 seeds

Alfalfa seeds are for sprouting, great alternative to cress. Very healthy, can be used in sandwiches on salads etc.
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Fenugreek 1000 seeds

Fenugreek is a widely used spice and medicinal herb. The seeds are used in cooking too. The shoots should be harvested just before the first set of leaves appear. Very easy to grow just soak the seeds overnight before layering on a dump cloth and harvest the shoots in 5 - 6 days. Make usre the...
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Pea Shoot Serge 300 seeds

Pea Serge is a climbing pea and the shoots have excellent flavour. This variety is semi leafless, ideal for shoot production. Very easy to grow just soak the pea seeds overnight, then place them on a moist kitchen roll in a shallow container on your windowsill. In 6 - 7 days you can start...
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Cress Seeds - Common 10,000 seeds

Common cress is very easy to grow and very fast too. Ideal veg to teach kids to grow food. Just sprinkle the seeds on a top of some wet paper kitchen towel or cotton wool and keep the seeds moist on your windowsill. Ready to harvest in about 8 days. The seeds can be sown inside all year...
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Salad Rape 4000 seeds

Salad rape is a great alternative to cress with it's distinctive flavour this salad is geat in sandwiches and salads.
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