Cauliflower Romanesco 200 seeds
  • Cauliflower Romanesco 200 seeds
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Cauliflower Romanesco 200 seeds


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Romanesco cauliflower is often called broccoli. The smallish green heads are very attractive and tasty. Good tolerance to heat. Sow in April - May and harvest in September - October.

Sow cauliflower seeds in compost in seed tray or in small pots April - May under glass for September - October harvest. End of March-May outside in a seedbed, about 1 cm deep, or September-October in coldframes to overwinter.

When seedlings are large enough to handle, plant them individually, keep them inside until they have 4-6 leaves.

Plant outside, spacing 16in x 18in, in well drained soil, make sure you water the plants in sunny spells, protect from birds and slugs.

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