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It is always good to know, if you are a beginner gardener or just looking for gift ideas for your green fingered gardening friend, what other people sow in their allotment and garden. Experienced growers do stick to their tested and tried varieties, and they tend to grow these vegetables often, we list the popular veg seeds here, these veggies are easy to grow from seeds, so they are an ideal choice if you are a first time grower. To begin your gardening adventure try something easier like courgettes, or beetroot seeds; these can be sown direct outside in the middle of the spring. And if you are a more adventurous grower, why not try some chilli seeds, or some perennial veg seeds like asparagus. And you can find our best veg seed deals below too.

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Beetroot Boltardy 300 seeds

Boltardy has excellent sweet flavour, smooth skin and deep red tender flesh. And this variety has very good resistance to bolting. One of the most popular variety amongst the root vegetables in our online shop. 300 seeds cost only 99p. Great for the UK climate. Keeps well in the ground till late...
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Basil Italian Classic 800 seeds

Probably the most popular basil on the market, Italian Classic (used to be called Sweet Genovese) is a large-leaved, attractive and very reliable variety. This scented plant is our most popular herb seed. Delicious in all tomato-based dishes, this heavy cropper prefers a sunny position and well...
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Broccoli Early Purple Sprouting 500 seeds

Very easy to grow, hardy winter vegetable. Early purple sprouting broccoli and green sprouting calabrese contain lots of antioxidants and are high in Vitamins C, A.Provide many delicious purple spears during late winter and early spring when other vegetables are not available in your garden....
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Cabbage Greyhound 500 seeds

Cabbage Greyhound produces early maturing, pointy heads in the summer and autumn. This tasty cabbage has almost no core and only few outer leaves. RHS Award of Garden Merit. Greyhound is neat and compact so it is the perfect vegetable seeds to sow if you have limited space in your garden. Medium...
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Carrot Nantes 2000 seeds

Carrot is a very British vegetable and Nantes is one of the best for winter storage. Carrots are rich in antioxidants and vitamin A. Roots are delicious raw when they are young and great for cooking in full maturity. Approximately 120 days from sowing. Our most popular carrot seed. Site Prep...
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Swiss Chard Rainbow Mixed 200 seeds

Swiss chard Rainbow Mixed has got many different coloured stems and leaves. Closely related to beetroot but has a small inedible root and grown for its attractive and mild flavoured leaves. The leaves can be harvested as baby leaf or fully grown. Can be treated as a cut and come again crop....
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Tomato Alicante 100 seeds

Alicante is an early variety. The vigorous plants produce masses of delicious, greenback free tomatoes. Excellent variety for the UK climate, can be grown very successfully outside. A traditional variety. Sow the Alicante tomato seed about 1 cm deep into a tray or in small pots or cells,...
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Chives 500 seeds

If you are thinking about herb seeds, chives is a must have perennial to sow in your herb garden. The seeds are small but can be planted directly outside. Prefers a shady spot in the garden in the hot summer days. The delicate onion taste of this fine herb goes well in soups, sandwiches, on your...
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Hot Pepper - Jalapeno 50 seeds

Jalapeno chilli seeds will grow up to 1 metre tall. High yield, the fruit matures from green to red. Mostly picked when green. Used in Mexican dishes, sauces. Excellent variety for pickling, and very popular in every country not just here in the UK. Quite easy to grow, recommended for beginner...
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Lettuce Mixed Baby Leaf 300 seeds

A great mixture of baby leaf varieties. Containing Lollo Verde (serrated, green), Batavian (cherry red; triple red; bright green) and Lollo Rossa (serrated, cherry red) types. Cut the leaves when they are about 10 - 15 cm long, cut only the longest ones so your plant will be a cut and come again...
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Total Surprise of 5 Packets of Seeds

A totally random selection of 5 packets of seeds. It will be mostly vegetables but can include herbs and flowers too. If you order different varieties including this surprise pack, we will make sure you do not get duplicates.  Gardening takes a lot of faith. You work hard digging,...
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Hot Pepper - Habanero White 10 seeds

White habanero said to originate from Peru; they are known as Peruvian White Habanero too. The bushy plants are high yielding and produce creamy white chilli peppers. Very hot chilli. Have a look at out most popular habanero type chilli:  Chocolate Habanero Sow chilli pepper seeds about 1 cm...
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