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Total Surprise of 5 Packets of Seeds
  • Total Surprise of 5 Packets of Seeds
  • Total Surprise of 5 Packets of Seeds

Total Surprise of 5 Packets of Seeds

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A totally random selection of 5 packets of seeds. It will be mostly vegetables but can include herbs and flowers too.

If you order different varieties including this surprise pack, we will make sure you do not get duplicates. 

Gardening takes a lot of faith. You work hard digging, sowing, to get your quality seeds in and hoping every seed will sprout; and you work hard and hope that everything comes together properly so you get a crop and a bed of beautiful flowers too. Gardening certainly has a way of humbling us all- surprising us just as often as failing us, yet we do it year after year because simply, we love it. Whether we gardeners are gluttons for punishment, or addicted to success and bounty that can come from the earth, it always teaches us something new and often forces us to step just outside of our comfort zones.

Much like gardening, seed shopping can be a leap of faith when you’re trying something new. Why don’t you take a big leap of faith with us? We’re offering with our surprise 5! For half the price, you’ll get 5 different packets of seed from our current catalog, our choice. This is a fun way to take the decision making out of trying something new this next year, or simply a fun way to save a few pounds on some wonderful garden seed varieties. 5 different kinds of garden seed, for half the price makes this deal certainly worth the risk!

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