Blight Resistant Tomato Seeds

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Tomato Orangeto F1 5 seeds

Orangeto is a blight resistant tomato that produces small sweet, ornage fruits. It is the sweetest cherry tomato you can ever grow, even sweeter than Sungold , as it is also called as Sungold Super Sweet. The fruits are thin skinned and so juicy and sweet it will become your favourite very...
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Tomato Crimson Crush F1 10 seeds

Crimson Crush Tomato was developed here in the UK and it is the most blight resistant cordon tomato. The plants are not too vigorous so ideal in smaller gardens as well. Great to grow outdoors and will produce well until the autumn. The fruits taste good and weigh up to 200 gramms. As soon as...
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Tomato Lizzano F1 5 seeds

Tomato Lizzano F1 is a blight tolerante bush tomato; the perfect variety for hanging baskets and tubs. Lizzano is a British bred hybrid tomato with excellent trailing habit and with dark red large cherry sized fruits. One plant can produce up to 3 kg of fruits throughout the growing season....
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Tomato Cocktail Crush F1 5 seeds

Blight Resistant Tomato Cocktail Crush has large cherry fruits weighing about 40 gramms. The flavour and habit is similar to an old favourite Ailsa Craig. Excellent sweet and tangy flavour. Can be grown outside or in the greenhouse. Cordon variety. Check out how to grow tomatoes .
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Tomato Merrygold F1 5 seeds

Merrygold cherry tomato is blight resistant. It is the first orange skinned blight resistant tomato. Excellent sweet flavour with a good amount of tanginess. Cordon variety. The plant produce masses of orange cherry sized tomatoes. Sow Merrygold tomato seeds about 1 cm deep into a seed tray or...
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Tomato Honey Moon F1 5 seeds

Tomato Honey Moon is blight resistant especially for late blight, a cordon variety producing fruits up to 300 gramms. These pink tomatoes are really juicy and fleshy at the same time have an excellent balance of flavours. Wonderful as a slicer and in cooking too. Heavy cropper, best suited for...
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Tomato Buffalosun F1 5 seeds

Buffalosun F1 Tomato is a cordon beefsteak variety, with yellow - orange skin and ornage - red flesh. Great for outside growing as Buffalosun has a good resistance to late blight.  The fruits are medium sized beefsteak, average 160g, and there are between 10 -15 on each plant. This variety can...
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