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Cauliflower All The Year Round 200 seeds

Cauliflower All Year Around is an easy to grow cauliflower. Ideal for freezing and for summer shows. Well know variety in many British gardens. The perfect veg seed to sow for all year around production. Medium sized heads and protective outer leaves. Sow cauliflower seeds in compost in seed...
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Cauliflower Candid Charm F1 30 seeds

Candid Charm is an excellent, quick maturing cauliflower. Ideal hybrid for thight spacing. The upright plants have dark green leaves which give excellent protection for the heads. An all around great cauli variety. Sow Candid Charm cauliflower seeds in quality compost in seed tray or in small...
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Cauliflower Clapton F1 30 seeds

Clapton F1 is a clubroot resistant hybrid cauliflower. Medium early variety, ready to pick in late summer. The good quality poor white curds carried high off the ground, so is kept clean easily. Sow cauliflower seeds in quality compost in seed tray or in small pots late February - early April...
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Cauliflower De Purple F1 10 seeds

De Purple F1 is a lovely purple headed cauliflower. Impress your friends with the unique purple colour. A brilliant cauliflower variety to have that extra interest in the garden and kitchen. Sow the De Purple cauliflower seeds in the spring between February and April under protection to plant in...
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Cauliflower Romanesco 200 seeds

Romanesco cauliflower is often called broccoli. The smallish green heads are very attractive and tasty. Good tolerance to heat. Sow in April - May and harvest in September - October. Sow cauliflower seeds in compost in seed tray or in small pots April - May under glass for September - October...
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Cauliflower Snowball 200 seeds

Snowball is a well established cauliflower. Very early, dwarf compact plants produce a good size head; can be forced. Extremly reliable. Sow January under protection and the heads will be ready in late July to harvest. 21-26 weeks to maturity. Sow the snowball cauliflower seeds in compost in...
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