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Grow some unusual, oriental vegetables in your garden. You can find mizuna and mustard seeds which are popular in salad bags. Also you can find some tasty fruit seeds too, like the cape gooseberry and tomatillo seeds. Oriental vegetables are popular, so sow some veg seeds and enjoy unusual vegetable and salad come harvest time. Chinese cabbage and pak choi are great in quick stir fries; and okra is great in curries or deep fried.

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Cape Gooseberry 100 seeds

Cape gooseberry or physalis produces sweet orange fruits in a husk. The fruit is very much like a cherry tomato in appearance. The fruits are really tasty, excellent in jams or eaten raw. Harvest when the husk changes colour from green to brown. The plants grow up to 180 cm tall, best grown in...
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Chinese Cabbage Wong Bok 500 seeds

Wong Bok has barrel shaped heads wit crisp light green leaves. The hearts can be eaten in raw salads or in stir fries. A fast growing cabbage, in ideal conditions it is ready to harvest in 2.5 months. Sow the seeds in seed tray or in small pots in late spring inside, or in late summer in a...
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Mixed Spicy Leaves 1000 seeds

A mixture of spicy leaves including rocket and mizuna and mustard. Very easy to grow, ideal if you garden with kids or if you are a beginner. Great addition to mixed salads, together with our  oriental salad leaves mix and some other lettuce seeds, you can have a great mixture of leaves ready...
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Mizuna 400 seeds

Mizuna has dark green serrated leaves on white stems. A great addition to any leaf salad, or stir fry. A cut and come again crop which can be grown from early spring to late autumn. Mild flavoured. Sow the mizuna seeds from early April to October in a well prepared bed or in seed trays. Thin...
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Mustard Southern Giant 600 seeds

Mustard Southern Giant has dark green fringed leaves. Ideal for baby leaf production. A great addition to any leaf salad. Leaves can be added to stir fry meals. A cut and come again crop which can be grown from early spring to late autumn. Very tasty green leaves with mild mustard flavour. If...
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Okra Clemson Spineless 50 seeds

Okra Clemson Spineless produces high quality, tapered 6 inches long pods. Sow the seeds in late March - April indoors in compost in small pots. Germination takes 10 - 14 days. As soon as the seedlings are large enough to handle, prick out. Transplant the seedlings into individual small pots,...
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Pak Choi White 180 seeds

Pak Choi White has attractive dark green leaves and white stems. Upright growing habit and round thick leaves. A slow bolting pak choi, excellent for growing outside. Suitable for baby leaf production as a cut and come again crop. Check out our  oriental vegetable seeds selection so you can too...
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Pak Choi Red F1 200 seeds

Red Choi F1 has attractive purple/red leaves, the leaves have green underside and green stems. The plants can be harvested at any stage of their development. Great addition to stir fries, or to leaf salads when picked young. Adds interest to baby leaf mixes. The leaves get darker in cooler...
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Mixed Oriental Leaves 1000 seeds

Mixed oriental leaves are excellent addition to a mixed salad. The mixture includes pak choi, mizuna, perilla etc. Very easy to grow and very fast growing leaf vegetables. You can have a small box of fresh salad leaves growing on your windowsill all year around. When was the last time you had...
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Tomatillo Verde 50 seeds

Tomatillo Verde is related to the cape gooseberry. Tomatillos are originally from Mexico where they are used to make salsa, this is a very popular variety for salsa verde. The fruit is surrounded by the inedible husk. Great cookid in salsa, chutneys, or eaten raw if you like the slightly lime...
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