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We offer a range of cabbage seeds that if chosen correctly can provide you with a crop all year round. Our various varieties can be sown from February to late autumn, germination takes place in as little as 7-12 days. Our cabbage seed collection contains a wide variety from the dark crunchy green to the red cabbage, fancy something a little lighter then take a look at our Chinese cabbage Wong Bok perfect for a stir fry!

Cabbages are easy to grow from seeds as they are native to Europe and quite cold tolerant. Sow the seeds from early spring and depending on the variety all the way till autumn. Brassica seeds are very small so be careful when sowing them and cover the seeds only lightly with seed sowing compost, cabbages germinate well at room temperature. After the seedlings have 2 pairs of true leaves you need to plant them into individual pots and grow them on in cooler conditions. And from early April onwards t hey can be planted into their final position in the garden.

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Cabbage April 400 seeds

April is a spring cabbage. Ideal for overwintering. April produces very uniform, small compact heads. Can be picked early in spring and used as spring greens. Full heads will be ready to pick from early April from August sowing. Sow the cabbage seeds in compost in seed tray or in small pots...
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Cabbage Durham Early 400 seeds

Durham early is a spring cabbage. Great for overwintering. Can be used as spring greens before full maturity early in the season when other vegetables are not available. Cut from March to use as spring greens, full heads fom April. Durham early is a traditional english cabbage, you can find many...
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Cabbage Earliest of All 400 seeds

Earliest of All Cabbage as the name suggest is a very early variety. Ready to pick in about 2 months after germination. Small, round crispy heads. If you want a longer supply of cabbages throughout the growing season grow this variety first and the second earliest  Golden Acre cabbage too....
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Cabbage Golden Acre 500 seeds

Golden Acre is an early variety cabbage. The small - medium sized, solid heads can be picked from July onwards from March sowings. Cabbage is a cool season plant that is a good-for-you leafy green vegetable. Tasty and versatile, cabbage heads can be a bit on the finicky side to grow. But once...
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Cabbage Greyhound 500 seeds

Cabbage Greyhound produces early maturing, pointy heads in the summer and autumn. This tasty cabbage has almost no core and only few outer leaves. RHS Award of Garden Merit. Greyhound is neat and compact so it is the perfect vegetable seeds to sow if you have limited space in your garden. Medium...
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Cabbage Kilaton F1 30 seeds

High Yielding autumn/winter cabbage. Very long storage variety with good growing reliability due to its club root resistance. Nice green, uniform heads weighing 2.5 - 4kg. Sow in compost in seed tray or in small pots from beginning of March indoors, end of March-April outside in a seedbed,...
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Cabbage Red Drumhead 500 seeds

Red drumhead is a heirloom cabbage, it has been around since the 18th century. Vigorous plants, round, solid heads and densely packed leaves. Stores well into the winter. Cabbages just like every other vegetable in the brassica family need plenty of water during the growing season. Can be grown...
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Chinese Cabbage Wong Bok 500 seeds

Wong Bok has barrel shaped heads wit crisp light green leaves. The hearts can be eaten in raw salads or in stir fries. A fast growing cabbage, in ideal conditions it is ready to harvest in 2.5 months. Sow the seeds in seed tray or in small pots in late spring inside, or in late summer in a...
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Savoy Cabbage Vertus 500 seeds

Cabbages are a great source of Vitamin C. Round, crisp and crunchy heads, weighing 1.2-1.8 kg. Sow the savoy cabbage seeds in compost in seed tray or in small pots from beginning of March indoors, end of March-April outside in a seedbed, about 1 cm deep. When seedlings are large enough to...
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