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Welsh Onion 100 seeds

Welsh onion is similar ti chives but grows larger and stronger. And also have a more prominent flavour. Use it as chives in the kitchen if you desire a stronger flavour, also great in cooking instead of regular onion. Sow the Welsh onion seeds from early spring outdoors in an open, sunny,...
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Onion - Spring - Ishikura 500 seeds

Japanese bunching oinon (Allium fistulosum) has long white stalks and short green tops. It is a bunching type so doesn't produce bulbs but a clumps of long stems even if left in for longer. No need for successional sowings, just sow in spring and harvest all year. RHS Award of Garden Merit...
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Onion - Spring - North Holland Bloodred 400 seeds

North Holland Bloodred Redmate is a versatile, red stalked bunching/spring onion. If you leave them in much longer te palnts will produce a decent size bulb. Onions have anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, and also believed to lower blood pressure. This variety is part of our  purple...
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Onion - Spring - White Lisbon 500 seeds

This variety, White Lisbon, is very quick cropping traditional salad onion with white stems and bright green tops. Can be sown from early spring, in the summer and in the autumn too. Very hardy spring onion, can be overwintered under cloches, in protected areas. Onions have anti-bacterial and...
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Onion Ailsa Craig 300 seeds

Ailsa Craig is an excellent show variety, producing large globe-shaped onions with straw-coloured skin. With its mild flavour and excellent keeping qualities, a must-have variety in your garden or allotment. Suitable for autumn and spring sowing.Onions have anti-bacterial and antiseptic...
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Onion Long De Florence Simane 200 seeds

Simane has red, elongated, sweet bulbs. This shape makes this variety the best for slicing raw in salads. Continental type, very popular in the Mediterranian.Onions have anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, and are also believed to lower blood pressure. Sow onion seeds from January...
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Onion Mammoth Improved 100 seeds

This famous variety can grow very big and win the competition for you. Really large bulbs reaching 2.5 kg and 50 cm in circumference. Onions have anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, and are also believed to lower blood pressure. For best results sow the Mammoth Improved seeds from...
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Onion Red Brunswick 300 seeds

Onion Brunswick has a bit flattened bulbs. Excellent for growing from seed. Great in salads with its mild flavour and colourful skin. Longer growth can also result in larger bulbs being formed, with the rich red colours only deepening with time. An old, well tried and tested, variety with a...
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Onion Rijnsburger 300 seeds

Rijnsburger has large globular bulbs. A mid to late summer round onion with yellow brown, firm skin, excellent for storing.Onions have anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, and are also believed to lower blood pressure. Sow the Rijnsburger onion seeds from January indoors in good seed...
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Wild Garlic 50 seeds

Wild Garlic or Ramson is hardy perennial. A wonderful herb to have in the corner of a shady spot under trees and in moist soil. Does not like direct sunshine, the plants will grow small. Prefers damp, fertile soil and shady locations just like in the wild as it is found growing on riverbanks...
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