Cabbage Red Drumhead 500 seeds
  • Cabbage Red Drumhead 500 seeds

Cabbage Red Drumhead 500 seeds


Red drumhead is a heirloom cabbage, it has been around since the 18th century. Vigorous plants, round, solid heads and densely packed leaves. Stores well into the winter. Cabbages just like every other vegetable in the brassica family need plenty of water during the growing season. Can be grown in a shady location. Ready to pick from September from an early sowing.

Sow these red cabbage seeds in seed tray or in small pots in February - March inside, or from middle of April outside in a well prepared seedbed or unheated greenhouse, about 1 cm deep.

When the cabbage seedlings are large enough to handle, plant them individually, keep them inside until they have 4-6 leaves or if sown outside then thin out the rows so the cabbage leaves don't overlap each other.

When planting outside make sure you put the cabbage deep into the soil to the fist leaf of the plant and firm down the soil around the plug plants. Spacing 16in x 18in, in well drained soil, be sure to water the plants in sunny spells, protect from birds and slugs.

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