Beetroot Bull's Blood 300 seeds
  • Beetroot Bull's Blood 300 seeds

Beetroot Bull's Blood 300 seeds


Beetroot Bull's Blood is a good looking beetroot, grown mainly as a salad leaf crop but can be fully grown for its roots, which are softer than other varieties and very deep red and sweet.

The deep red leaves make this variety an added interest in baby leaf salads. Grow as a cut and come again crop. The leaves have a mild beetroot flavour, they are ideal in salads when picked very young, or steamed when a bit older. Start cutting the leaves when about 10 cm tall, can be cut 4-5 times a year and the colour intensifies in cooler weather. This is the variety which is used in the mixed salad bags you buy in the supermarkets. Together with other leaf vegetables, check out our vegetable seeds for sale here, you can sow seeds and grow your own salad almost all year around.

Sow the Bulls Blood beetroot seeds thinly, early March-late June, direct outside, about 2cm apart in rows, and cover with a little soil. Allow 30 – 40 cm between the rows so you can comfortably hoe your veg. Cover the beetroot seeds with about 2 cm of soil and tap the soil down so the strong wind will not be able to blow away the fine soil and the light seeds. Beetroot can be sown as early as end of January in a frost-free greenhouse, so you can harvest the fresh crunchy leaves in about a month.

As the beetroot seedlings develop, thin them to about 10cm apart. Use the thinnings too in your salads, the small fresh leaves are really tasty Keep soil moist at all times to prevent the roots becoming dry and woody. Tear the top of instead of cutting, and cook the beetroot with the skin and peel it off after cooking, this way you will have more goodness in the roots.

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