Morning Glory Heavenly Blue 50 seeds


Morning Glory Heavenly Blue is an annual climber. Great to train up on trellies, pole, fences. Prefers a somewhat sunny position and rich, well drained soil. The Morning Glory plants can reach up to 10 feet in hieght. If you have the space and the will these beauties can be grown as groundcovers too. The Clark's Heavenly Blue, as the name suggests, has gorgeous blue flowers. They open in the morning and one plant can flower for a long period of time. Just make sure you pick and compost the dead flowers, this will encourage the plant to produce more lovely blooms for you to enjoy.

Sow the Morning Glory Seeds in good seed compost, about 0.5 cm deep into pots, two seeds per pot is recommended. Germination usually takes 7-14 days at 16-22 Celsius. Place the sown seeds into a polythene bag to encourage germination. You can also soak the Morning Glory seeds overnight before sowing.

Transplant the seedlings when large enough to handle into individual pots, an about 13 cm pot will do. Fill the pot with rich compost and gently press the Morning Glory plants down before topping up the pot with more compost. Water well and make sure you grow the plants on a little cooler condition, before planting out after all the risk of frost has passed in your area.

Morning Glory can be grown in your conservatory or in your greenhouse too. Train up the plants and enjoy the flowers through the summer.

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