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Sturon Onion Sets 250g


Sturon is a globe shaped onion for spring planting. It has the RHS award of golden merit. A favourite variety to grow from sets. This early maincrop variety produces medium to large size bulbs in 120 days.

A very good variety for storage, as it keeps very well after lifting. The light brown skin covers the white and crispy flesh. A perfect all around onion in the kitchen. A great variety to grow at home or in the allotment garden. 250 gramms contains about 75 sets.

Open pack upon arrival and lay the sets in a single layer in a cool dry place to prevent sweating and sprouting.

Growing Onions from Sets

Onions love a sheltered plot and well drained soil at a sunny location. Plant the onion sets 10 - 14 cm apart and the rows 30 - 35 cm apart from late February to middle of April. Gently push the sets into soft, loose soil in a way that the tip of the set is just visible, and firm the soil around the sets.

In dry conditions you need to water the onion well, and feed them with a general fertiliser twice a month from early summer. A gentle high potassium feed in early July will help the bulbs to get to ripen and will imrove storage qualities. Once the onions start to get a bit of colour on the top of the bulb you need to stop watering and feeding and renoce the soil around the bulbs so they get some direct sunlight.

2- 3 weeks after the foliage start to yellow and falls to the ground you can start harvesting your onions. If you want to store them they have to be firm and disease free.

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