Pumpkin Uchiki Kuri 8 seeds
  • Pumpkin Uchiki Kuri 8 seeds

Winter Squash Uchiki Kuri 8 seeds


Each plant forms three to five small fruits of intense orange red with a golden flesh, averaging 1.5Kg. Very early maturing, with great storage characteristics.

The best sowing time is middle of May for outside sowing, a few weeks earlier for propagating. Soil temperature should be around 15 Celsius. Sow 2 seeds per station, or in small pots, and keep the strongest seedling. Germination takes 7-14 days, depending on the soil temperature. Protect the seedlings from slugs.

Transplant the seedlings into bigger pots when large enough to handle and keep them inside the greenhouse or propagator, acclimatize the plants before planting outside. Spacing: 150-250 cm between the plants. Prefers a sunny location and rich soil.

After 3-5 fruits are formed, the growing tips can be pinched out to encourage fruit development, ripening on the vine, and allow to cure outside. This will increase storage potential. Store the fruit at about 10 degrees Celsius.

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