Swede Marian 750 seeds
  • Swede Marian 750 seeds

Swede Marian 750 seeds


Marian Swede is resitant to mildew and clubroot. The cream coloured roots are delicious and finely textured. Swede is excellent mashed with carrots or diced in flavoursome winter soups and stews.

Sow the Marian Swede seeds direct outside where the plants to grow from early May - early July. Sow the seeds in a finely racked, well dug, deep soil about 1 cm deep. Leave 40 -50 cm between the rows. Germination is normally 14-20 days.

Thin out the emerging seedlings, leaving about 30 cm between the plants. Keep the plants weel watered and weed free during the summer. Great variety for freezing.

The roots will be ready to pick from late September until February. You can leave the plants in the soil, or you can lift them and store them in a cool, dry place for about 4 months.

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