Onion Red Brunswick 300 seeds
  • Onion Red Brunswick 300 seeds

Onion Red Brunswick 300 seeds


Onion Brunswick has a bit flattened bulbs. Excellent for growing from seed. Great in salads with its mild flavour and colourful skin.

Longer growth can also result in larger bulbs being formed, with the rich red colours only deepening with time. An old, well tried and tested, variety with a mild and pleasing taste.Onions have anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties, and are also believed to lower blood pressure.

Sow onion seeds from January indoors in good seed compost. Lightly cover the seeds, and water well.

Can be sown outside from late March-April, directly into well-prepared soil. Germination takes up to 20 days at 15-20 Celsius. Prick out the seedlings and plant them into individual pots when large enough to handle. Make sure that the bulb part of the plant is not covered with compost. Move the plants into a coldframe or unheated greenhouse, to acclimatize to outdoor conditions before planting out to final position. Plant 30-40 cm apart in rich, fertile soil. Thin out if sown direct outdoors when seedlings emerge and keep the rows weed free. Water in the summer during dry spells. When the leaves start to yellow, allow the onions a further two weeks, then lift and store in a cool dry place.

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