Runner Bean Enorma 25 seeds


Runner Bean Enorma has very long pods, up to 50 cm. Ideal to grow for competitions. The plants have red flowers and the pods are delicious and stringless. Very high yields with plenty of vigour. A must have variety if you grow your runner beans for show, also our other popular varieties for show are Prizewinner and Polestar

Beans are a good source of Vitamin C and iron.

For earliest crop sow the runner bean seeds inside in individual pods about 3 weeks before the last expected frost. Sow seeds individually in small pots 3-4 cm deep. Keep the temperature between 17-22 Celsius. Transplant outside in June when the plants are strong and all risk of frost has passed.

Outside sowing can be done in late spring when the soil is warm enough for the runners. Typically June sowings are recommended. Runner bean seed germination can be eradicated in cold soils, so make sure the soil temperature is around 15 Celsius. Sow 3-4 cm deep in well prepared soil. Allow 15-20 cm between the bean seeds, this is a large seeded runner bean variety.

Prefers full sun and rich soil.

Pole, trellies, fence or any other form of support is a must for growing runner beans. Unless you want to try our dwraf variety Hestia. Runner beans are one of the most popular vegetables in the UK. Very easy to grow and the high protein content makes the beans a really nutritious veggie. And this variety, Enorma produces really long pods during the summer months, excellent for your local allotment show. Why not grow some this season along with our wide range of heirloom tomato seeds and make your growing season the best you ever had. 

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