New Zealand Spinach 100 seeds
  • New Zealand Spinach 100 seeds

New Zealand Spinach 100 seeds


New Zealand spinach is a spreading groundcover, easy to grow and can be harvested for really long time. The bright green leaves are 10-15 cm and triangular in shape. The fleshy leaves are great for fresh summer greens and if you plant lettuce seeds too you can have a great variety of leaves for sumer salads. The leaves can be picked repeatedly until the plant is killed by frost. This trailing plant will give you plenty of greens during the growing season. Spinach is a good source of Vitamins A and C.

Sow the new zealand spinach seeds from early spring (March-May) directly outside in a well raked bed 2-3 cm deep, 15-20 cm apart. Germination can be slow up to 14 days, to encourage germination the seeds can be soaked overnight before sowing. The plants prefer plenty of water and lots of space. You can even try to grow these on trellies or on fences.

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