Mixed Spicy Leaves 1000 seeds
  • Mixed Spicy Leaves 1000 seeds

Mixed Spicy Leaves 1000 seeds


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A mixture of spicy leaves including rocket and mizuna and mustard. Very easy to grow, ideal if you garden with kids or if you are a beginner. Great addition to mixed salads, together with our oriental salad leaves mix and some other lettuce seeds, you can have a great mixture of leaves ready to pick in just 30 days and as a cut and come again crop will produce fresh greens throughout the summer months.

The salad leaves are so popular and they are about £1 a bag in the supermarkets, for 99p and a bit of effort you can have freash leaves harvested for months, they are very tasty and healthy too.

Sow the mix seeds from early April to October in a well prepared bed or in seed trays, moduls thinly. Can be grown in a heated greenhouse in the winter. For earliest crop so the seeds in an unheated greenhouse in March, depending on the wetaher this way you will have ready leaves in 30-40 days and you can sow again in the greenhouse in October to harvest the leaves all the way till Christmas.

Cut the leaves with scissors when required and leave the plants, treat them as cut and come again crop and can be picked several times over the summer months.

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