Organic - Coriander Cilantro 200 seeds

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Cilantro is a more leafy strain of corainder. Also slower to bolt. The seeds are organically produced. We have the standard coriander seeds too, which are 99p for 500 seeds.

The fresh leaves and crushed seeds are an essential ingredient in many South Asian foods and Mexican salsas and guacamole. Chopped coriander leaves are also used as a garnish on cooked dishes such as curries.

Sow the cilantro seeds from April to July, thinly, 1-1.5 cm deep in rows about 20cm apart in light, well-drained, fertile soil, which has been finely raked. Can be sown and grown inside all year around in small pots. Can be treated as a 'cut and come again' crop.

Thin out the seedlings when large enough to handle, leave a few centimetres between plants. Sunny position recommended. Remove flowering stems as they occur, to encourage quality leaf growth. Can also be sown late summer for winter, but will need some protection.

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