Mooli Mino Summer Cross F1 50 seeds

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Japanese radish or mooli produces long roots, which have smooth white skin and white flesh. Despite it's name mooli originates from continental Asia. The roots are large 20-30 cm long and 5-10 cm in diameter. The beautiful roots widely used in Japanese cooking. The roots can be peeled and sliced or grated in salads, stir fries and to make Japanese dip for tempura. Can be stored for a few weeks in a dry and cool place. Low calorie food and contains high level of vitamin C.

Sow the mooli radish seeds into well prepared soil from early spring to late summer. Prefers well drained, moderately rich soil. Sow seeds about 1.5 cm deep in drills 20-25 cm apart. Seeds will germinate within 10 days. Thin out the seedlings as necessary. Start harvesting as soon as the roots are rached a reasonable size.

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