Purple Veg Seeds Collection


Growing purple vegetables from seeds become very trendy in recent years. And many of these varieties not just add an extra colour to your veg patch and dish but they taste somewhat different too than their usual alternatives. Many of these seeds are heirloom, traditional varieties which are came back to many gardens and allotment plots all over the UK.

Collection Contains:

Tomato Black Cherry 100 seeds – Heirloom, purple cherry tomato. The skin gets deeper in colour in hot weather.

Carrot Purple Sun F1 200 seeds – A popular variety, grows best in sandy soil. The skin gets paler when cooked.

Onion North Holland Bloodred 400 seeds – The unique colour adds interest to your salads. Can be left in the soil for longer to produce larger bulbs.

Pea Purple Podded 100 seeds – Purple flowers and pods, vigorous growth. Impressive as an ornamental too.

Dwarf French Bean Purple Teepee 40 seeds – A good alternative to runner beans, purple stems, pods and beautiful purple flowers too; great ornamental effect.

Aubergine Moneymaker F1 20 seeds – Can be grown in pots and containers. The stems and flowers are purple too.

Hot Pepper Chocolate Habanero 10 seeds – Very hot chilli pepper grows on compact plants. Very bushy variety, ideal to grow in containers.

You can impress your fellow plot holders with your purple harvest, and you can take your veg to the local allotment shows too. Encourage the kids to eat more colourful vegetables by growing fun, colourful food for them, and they can even help you so the purple seeds and pick the purple vegetables. Note that only the bean and pea seeds are actually purple in the packet. And you can raise some of these vegetables as ornamental plants, they will add an extra interest to your veg patch in your garden. They are so much fun and interest that is why we collected these purple veggies into one selection of vegetable seeds, so you can sow seeds and grow vegetables with an additional twist. Growing your own colourful veg is a lot more fun; and remember more colour in your diet the better for your health.

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