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We have chosen our most popular herb and vegetable seeds and put them into one single package/collection. These varieties are easy to grow from seed, and an ideal choice if you are a beginner gardener or if you are looking for a present for a friend or family member. Growing your food is not that hard, and you can do it too, even if it just a few courgette plants, or some peas, the effort will worth it and you reap the benefits of producing tasty and healthy fruit and veg. So if you dug up your garden or allotment and your next project in the greenhouse, polytunnel or potting shed is sowing your veggies, get these favoured vegetable seeds in the UK and grow veg from seeds that are tried and loved by many gardeners.

Our garden seeds are simply packed, reducing the costs so we can offer the seeds at a really low price. We don’t have a printed catalogue, which helps us to reduce the cost of the veg seeds and we pass this onto you, the customer and gardener. And with this vegetable and herb selection you make even further savings. Chillies and aubergines can be a bit tricky to grow, but most of the other species and all of the annual herbs listed below are easy to plant and raise from seeds. Peas, beetroot and squash can all be sown direct outside in your garden or allotment plot; while tomatoes, aubergines and peppers need to be propagated and given some heat in order for the seeds to sprout successfully.

Collection contains:

Chilli Pepper Serrano - Easy to grow chilli, does not need a greenhouse.

Courgette Black Beauty - A standard courgette, and extremely prolific.

Aubergine Black Beauty - A bit tricky to grow and needs a lot of heat.

Tomato Black Cherry - The easiest and most popular cherry tomato; great outside too

Carrot Nantes - The most well known carrot. Excellent young as a baby carrot and for maincrop too.

Tomato Marmande - Excellent for making tomato sauce. Large fruits.

Beetroot Boltardy - Easy to grow beet.

Pea Ambassador - Well established pea.

Cucumber Pipenex F1- Great indoors and outdoors too

Squash Waltham Butternut - A must have standard squash

Basil Italian Classic - Great herb for Italian dishes

Chives - Perennial, can be grown in pots.

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