Strawberry Golden Alexandria 350 seeds
  • Strawberry Golden Alexandria 350 seeds

Strawberry Alexandria 200 seeds


Strawberry golden alexandria is a very attractive alpine strawberry with contrasting yellow foliage and small red berries. The plants can be grown in containers on the patio or even in a windowbox or in the open ground. The golden foliage adds a great interest to any garden, allotment or patio.

Sow the seeds early spring and the plants will flower and give fruit the same year, from late summer well into the autumn. The fruit is high in Vitamin C.

Sow strawberry seeds in early spring, in a good seed compost. Sow the seeds on the surface and gently firm the copmost down then seal the seed tray in a polythene bag afer sowing; this will help germination. Expose to light. Keep the temperature at around 20 Celsius.

When seedlings are large enough to handle, gently prick the strawberry seedlings out and grow them on in individual pots. Later plant them outside to their final position. Make sure you acclimatize the plants to outdoor conditions before planting out. Plant them into ordinary garden soil or in compost if grown in containers.

One strawberry plant will give many sweet berries year after year, as it is a perennial. Can be grown as an annual in containers.

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