Strawberry Mignonette 200 seeds
  • Strawberry Mignonette 200 seeds

Strawberry Mignonette 200 seeds


Mignonette is a great tasting alpine strawberry. The small fruits make up for the size in taste. Spread to only 30 cm and doesn't produce runners. Very neat bushy plants, ideal in the border, hanging baskets or cotainers. An ever-bearing variety producing small fruits from early July till mid September. The dianty red berries have a somewhat almond undertone.

Sow the Mignonette seeds in early spring (february - march), in a good seed compost. Sow the seeds on the surface and gently firm the copmost down then seal the seed tray in a plastic bag afer sowing; this will help germination. Or use a heated propagator. Keep the temperature at around 20 Celsius. Germination can be slow (2 weeks). If sown later in the season outdoors the plants will not produce the first year.

When seedlings are large enough to handle, gently prick the strawberry seedlings out and grow them on in individual pots. Later plant them outside to their final position. Make sure you acclimatize the plants to outdoor conditions before planting out. Plant them into ordinary garden soil or in compost if grown in containers.\nOne strawberry plant will give many sweet berries year after year, as it is a perennial. Can be grown as an annual in containers.

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