Turnip Snowball 1000 seeds
  • Turnip Snowball 1000 seeds

Turnip Snowball 1000 seeds


A first-class white, globe turnip. Turnip Snowball is early, juicy andsweet flavoured, will yield a good supply from early summer to earlywinter, and the tops are nutritious and delicious too. Heirloom turnip, has been around for more than 100 years. Very early and fast growing variety. You can start picking just in 6 weeks after germination.

This variety is really tasty, can be grated into raw salads.

Sow the Snowball Turnip seeds direct outside from late March - late June. Sow about 1 cm deep into a finely raked vegetable bed.

Keep the plants weed free. And thin out leaving 10-18 cm between the plants. Turnips grow quite quickly, and they should be kept well watered during the entire growing season.

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