Calabrese Green Sprouting 250 seeds
  • Calabrese Green Sprouting 250 seeds
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Calabrese Green Sprouting 250 seeds


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Easy to grow, early spears from August. Calabrese and broccoli contain lots of antioxidants and are high in Vitamins C, A.Provide many delicious green shoots during late summer and autumn.

Sow the seeds in a prepared seed bed in April about 1 cm deep, leaving 30 cm between rows. Or under glass from March.

Thin the seedlings if required and plant to final position when they have 4 true leaves. Leave 50-60 cm between plants. Protect the plants from slugs and birds from the early stages. Water well when transplanted and during hot summer spells. Calabrese will grow in moist soil and doesn't require too much care.

Harvest from August onwards, keep cutting the spears to encourage more growth.

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