Cauliflower Purple Cape 200 seeds
  • Cauliflower Purple Cape 200 seeds

Cauliflower De Purple F1 10 seeds


De Purple F1 is a lovely purple headed cauliflower. Impress your friends with the unique purple colour. A brilliant cauliflower variety to have that extra interest in the garden and kitchen. Sow the De Purple cauliflower seeds in the spring between February and April under protection to plant in april and May. The cauliflowers will be ready to harvest in from late July till late October.

Sow cauliflower seeds in compost in seed tray or in small pots in the spring under glass, about 1 cm deep, in coldframes to overwinter. 

When seedlings are large enough to handle, plant them individually, keep them inside until they have 4-6 leaves.

Plant outside, spacing 16in x 18in, in well drained soil, make sure you water the plants in sunny spells, protect from birds and slugs.

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