English Winter Thyme 2000 seeds
  • English Winter Thyme 2000 seeds

English Winter Thyme 2000 seeds


Thymus vulgaris, also know as common or garden thyme, is a hardy perennial herb from the Mediterranian. Grows to about 30 cm tall, an ideal rockery plant. Used widely in traditional English dishes. Thyme is best grown on a well cultivated and well drained soil. Tolerates drought very well. The active ingredient of the plant is thymol which gives the strong flavour and antiseptic, an active ingredient in many mouthwashes. This useful plant is widely used in mediterranean cuisine to flavour meat, stews.  An ideal herb for drying.

Sow the thyme seeds from March onwards inside in small pots or trays or outside in an unheated greenhouse or propagator in late april - may.

Finely cover the seeds with sieved compost and place the tray in a polythene bag at about 18 Celsius. Germination can take up to two weeks.

When seedling are large enough to handle, transplant them into individual pots in rich compost.

After all risk of frost has passed, plant into final position, 30 cm apart. Can be grown in pots on the window ledge.

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