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Competition Vegetable Seeds Collection


If you love gardening and if you have an allotment you must have come across some local or national shows where some keen gardeners show off they huge and beautiful vegetables. The vegetable seeds in this seed collection are suited to grow for competitions if you are into growing giant vegetables. You can grow them for fun and the best thing is that just because they are huge, they are still edible. Why don’t you try to grow some giant vegetable from our selection and who knows, you might even win in the local allotment or garden show come harvest time.

Heaviest Onion - Mammoth Improved 100 seeds

A great onion and easy to grow from seeds, and don’t worry if the onions don’t grow large enough you can just eat them anyway J You have to start the seeds fairly early in the growing season to achieve the desired size by the time the allotment show is on.

Heaviest Tomato - Gigantomo F1 5 seeds

Not sure if local shows do have a category for heaviest tomato, as these tend to grow not so pleasing for the eye, but hey it is a lot of fun. Leave only one fruit on a plant so it can use all the energy to grow that one fruit, imagine how huge it will grow! Feed the plant regularly and keep it in the greenhouse for best results.

Longest Leek - Mammoth Blanch 100 seeds

This vegetable is our favourite as it just doesn’t stop growing and the good news is that the leek can stay in the ground all winter long so you can have some fresh veg all year around. A long stemmed variety, which will be a hit on any garden show.

Longest runner bean - Enorma 25 seeds

This is s lot of fun to grow, and our advice is to remove some of the beans from the plant when they are very young, and also stop the plants producing more flowers, just remove the new flowerbuds; this way all the energy will be put into the few pods on the plant and they will grow enormous.

Heaviest Marrow - Marrow Long Green Bush 20 seeds

Marrows are ever present on an allotment show. They are very easy to grow, they need little care and even if you completely forget about them, you can still end up with a whopper. If you serious about your veg competition then leave one fruit on the plant to have a huge vegetable.

Heaviest Pumpkin - Dill's Atlantic Giant 6 seeds

This giant needs quite a bit of space to grow so it is not for everybody. For best results it is good to grow the pumpkin in a polytunnel, but that luxury is only for very serious competition growers. Leave only one pumpkin on the plant so it can grow very big and feed the plant regularly throughout the growing season and water it very well especially during the summer months.

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