Pak Choi Red F1 200 seeds
  • Pak Choi Red F1 200 seeds

Pak Choi Red F1 200 seeds


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Red Choi F1 has attractive purple/red leaves, the leaves have green underside and green stems. The plants can be harvested at any stage of their development. Great addition to stir fries, or to leaf salads when picked young. Adds interest to baby leaf mixes. The leaves get darker in cooler weather conditions. Check out our oriental veg seeds selection so you can too grow your own favourite stir fry veggies, we have a mix of oriental leaves selection and if you want some spicier leaves in your salad we recommend the oriental spicy mixed leaves.

Sow the pak choi seeds from early April to May in a well prepared bed or in seed trays and again when the temperatures expected to drop a little from August - September.

Thinout or plant out the seedlings 15-20 cm apart. Plant the pak choi in ahalf shady location if you can, as strong direct sunlight can result inbolting.

A Brassica rapa B UK plant passport 109423 C 8394 D GB
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