Spinach Medania 300 seeds
  • Spinach Medania 300 seeds

Spinach Medania 300 seeds


Spinach Medania is an easy to grow spinach and has deep green, crunchy leaves. Crops for a long period in well drained soil and if watered well in dry weather. If you love spinach, sow the seeds every two weeks to have a continous supply of fresh young leaves. Excellent taste and texture, ideal for freezing.

Spinach is a good source of Vitamins A and C. Sow the medania spinach seeds from early spring directly outside in a well raked bed around 1 cm deep.  Rich, well drained soil is recommended.

Thin out to 5-10cm apart as the seedlings appear. Water well in dry spells. Harvest the young leaves as required, picking only a few from each plant, as a cut and come again crop spinach will produce for quite a few months. Spinach prefers a semi shady location especially during the summer months. The first young leaves are ready to pick within 30 days.

If you eat a lot of salad leaves during the year you can really safe yourself a fortune by growing your own; we have a mix of oriental salad leaves and the beetroot bull's blood which is also in the mixed bag os leaves you buy in the supermarkets.

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