Lupin Russel Mix 80 seeds


Popular standard lupins, the flower spikes up to 100 cm tall, flowers are self and bicoloured. A traditional perennial flower for the cottage garden. Ornamental foliage and stems are packed with flowers. Plant in rich soil and will flower throughout the season. Beautiful flowers the first year if the seeds are sown early spring.

Sow lupin seeds early spring through the summer, in fine seed compost, in small pots, 2 seeds per pot. Transplant the seedlings into bigger pots when large enough to handle, and keep them in warm conditions till late spring, early summer, before planting out to final position.

Alternatively you can sow the seeds in the summer; you can keep the seedlings outside in small pots before transplanting into final position. Make sure they strong enough before the winter, plants will flower in the spring and all through the summer.

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