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Potato King Edward 1kg


King Edward Maincrop Seed Potato

King Edward potato is a floury variety and this mean that it is excellent or the best ever potato for roasting and chipping. King Edward is a very traditional maincrop potato with white skin which has a very memorable pink colouration which makes this spud easy to recognise from a mile away. It has a cream coloured flesh rather than white and a brilliant flavour. King Edward is widely available and most likely the best known potato in the UK, and makes the best roast potato ever.

Open pack upon arrival and lay the poatotes in a single layer on cardboard or paper in a cool, dark, well ventilated and dry place to prevent sweating and chitting.

Excellent cooking and taste qualities, good for storage and ready to lift in 16 - 22 weeks after planting.

Plant in March - April.

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