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Potato Desiree 1kg


Desiree Maincrop Seed Potato

Desiree is an excellent early maincrop variety with good storage qualities. It produces large oval shaped red skinned tubers, which are ready to lift in 16 - 22 weeks after planting. Safe Haven Certified quality Scottish Seed Potato.

Open pack upon arrival and lay the poatotes in a single layer on cardboard or paper in a cool, dark, well ventilated and dry place to prevent sweating and chitting.

Many chefs favourite as desiree is one of the best for roasting. Desiree potato is a versatile, quite waxy potato and it is firm and holds shape well so it is useful for all methods of cooking but for roasting is the best variety. This potato is a good all-rounder and make great roasties, chips and mash.

Desiree has excellent drought tolerance and that is why it is brilliant to grow at the allotment where watering can be a challange. Resistant to potato virus Y and powdery scab.

Plant in March - April.

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