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Antirrhinum Crown Mix 2000 seeds

Antirrhinum is a wonderful, tall annual flower and is native in the Mediterranean. They have strong growing flowering stems and many blossoms on one stem. Excellent for adding interest in borders, containers, tubs and on balconies. An easy to grow and popular annual flower seed. The best is to...
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Coriander 500 seeds

Coriander, also commonly called cilantro, is a must have annual of the family Apiaceae. Coriander is an essential ingredient in many Asian recipes and both the leaves and seeds are edible. Sporting a lemony aroma and taste, coriander seeds are typically ground and used a flavor-filled spice....
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Organic - Carrot Flakkee 1000 seeds

Flakkee has long, thick roots. The colour and flavour is excellent and has good storage quality. The roots will remain good in the ground for a long time withoit spoiling. Excellent for storgae, the roots are up to 28 cm long. These seeds are organically grown . Dig deep where you want your...
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Winter Squash - Little Gem 8 seeds

This trailing Little Gem squash produces many cricket ball sized, dark green fruits. Dark orange, sweet flesh. Very productive plant. Sow the gem squash from late April under glass for growing in the greenhouse, or through May to transplant outdoors in the UK. Seeds can also be sown direct...
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Aster Carousel Blended Mix 150 seeds

The compact plants are only 15 cm tall and produce a mass of extra large heads. Ideal bedding plant. Aster Carousel contains of red, pink, purple and white blossoms. Excellent for borders, windowboxes or plant a mass for a carpet effect. Can even be used as a cut flower. Sow the seeds inside...
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Courgette All Green Bush 30 seeds

All Green Bush Courgette is a high yielding variety. The best to harvest this vegetable when the fruits are 10 - 15 cm long. Ideal to produce mini courgettes. Crops for a long period of time if harvested regularly. A great vegetable seeds to sow and grow for kids, as it is easy to care for and...
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Dianthus, Sweet William Double Mixed 500 seeds

Popular biennial garden flower. Large flowering, sweetly- scented double blooms in colourful combinations of reds, pinks, and whites with some bi-coloured. Blooms the year after planting in mid-spring to mid-summer. The beautiful colours and the amazing scent make this Sweet William an ideal cut...
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Patio Veg Seeds Collection

Collection Contains: Hot Pepper - Prairie Fire 10 seeds Tomato Tiny Tim 50seeds Dwarf French Bean Purple Queen 40 seeds Mixed Spicy Leaves 1000 seeds Onion - Spring - White Lisbon 500 seeds Radish Malaga Violet 500 seeds
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Dwarf Sweet Pea Cupid Mix 40 seeds

This unique dwarf bush sweet pea grows to around 25cm tall only and has lovely scented blooms. Sweet Pea Cupid Mix is made up of hot pinks together with more delicate shades of pink and lilac, also some flowers are pink and white bicoloured. Perfect for tubs, pots and hanging baskets. Great for...
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English Winter Thyme 2000 seeds

Thymus vulgaris, also know as common or garden thyme, is a hardy perennial from the Mediterranian. Grows to about 30 cm tall, an ideal rockery plant. Used widely in traditional English dishes. Thyme is best grown on a well cultivated and well drained soil. Tolerates drought very well. The active...
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Asparagus Pea 25 seeds

An easy to grow annual plant, producing unusual pods with a unique flavour. The taste, as the name suggests, is between asparagus and pea. Asparagus pea can be grown as a vegetable or as a ground cover ornamental as the flowers are very pretty dark maroon in colour. If you want to harvest the...
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Foxglove Apricot Delight 600 seeds

A unique and attractive variety. Excellent cut flower. All parts are poisonous. For flowering in the same season, sow in early spring in good, free-draining seed compost, just covering the seeds with compost. Seal the seed tray in a polythene bag to help germination. Germination usually...
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Aster Super Princess Mix 150 seeds

Super Princess is a well blended mixture of tall asters. Resistant to diseases. Vigorous plants with strong stalks bearing large double heads with crested centres. Ideal aster variety for cutting and for arranging. Enjoy these asters between August and October. Sow inside at a temperature of...
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Organic - Leek Hannibal 200 seeds

Organic Leek Seeds - Hannibal is autumn to early winter variety with dark green, thight and thick shafts. An ideal varity to grow under cover for an earlier crop. These seeds are organically grown. Leeks prefer ordinary well drained soil in sun or semi-shade and can follow early peas or...
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Carrot Nantes 2000 seeds

Carrot is a very British vegetable and Nantes is one of the best for winter storage. Carrots are rich in antioxidants and vitamin A. Roots are delicious raw when they are young and great for cooking in full maturity. Approximately 120 days from sowing. Our most popular carrot seed. Site Prep...
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Sage 40 seeds

Sage is part of the mint family and it has been used for culinary and medicinal purposes. This highly aromatic herb has a subtle and earthly flavor, making it a great addition to meat dishes, dressings and holiday stuffings. But sage can also be used as a cure for stomach disorders, wounds,...
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Hot Pepper - Chocolate Habanero 10 seeds

Chocolate habanero is a very hot pepper with a unique flavour. The plant grows up to 1 metre tall and produces masses of fruit, 4-6cm long. Long growing season, most suitable for greenhouse or polytunnel production. If you are new to growing chillies we recommend you try  Cayenne Red or...
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Foxglove Excelsior Mix 2000 seeds

A large flowered strain, spikes growing up to 1.2 metres tall. The mixture contains flowers in shades of purple, cream, rose and pink, many of them with spotted.All parts are poisonous. For flowering in the same season, sow foxglove seeds in early spring in good, free-draining seed compost,...
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Aubergine Black Beauty 200 seeds

Large, glossy, deep purple skinned oval fruit about 13cm long. Fruit holds quality and colour well after picking. Best to raise this heat loving vegetable from seeds in the greenhouse, especially in Britain, to make sure you raise strong, healthy seedlings. Aubergines are high in potassium,...
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Balsam Dwarf Bush Flowered Mix 100 seeds

A dwarf bushy habit describes this annual flower. This balsam has up to 5 cm camellia-flowered double blooms of scarlet, carmine, purple-rose, salmon, shell pink and white. The compact 20-25 cm tall plants producing all summer long. Good drought tolerance, suitable for containers, tubs,...
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Rosemary 100 seeds

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a shrubby evergreen herb with fragrant, needle like leaves and purple flowers, native to the Mediterranean region. Rosemary can be grown succesfully in any type of soil. The plants need only very little maintenance. Used in many gardens as a decorative plant...
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Organic - Brussels Sprout Groninger 100 seeds

The sprouts are tight and very neat ; an ideal vegetable for the autumn and winter. Mid season variety with good tolerance to lodging. Groninger has the RHS award of Merit. Sow early March to end of April in a seed tray or in small pots inside, or in a prepared seedbed outside, about 1 cm...
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