French Marigold Naughty Marietta 200 seeds

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Naughty Marietta produces masses of flowers all summer long, well into the autumn. Performs well in any weather condition. This french marigold looks great in the edge of the flower bed or planted in containers.

Sow Naughty Marietta marigold seeds from late March onwards inside or outside from May, in small pots, or in fine seedbed. Sow the marigold seeds about 1 cm deep and keep them at a temperature of 18-22 Celsius. Can be sown directly outside from May.

When the seedlings are large enough to handle pot them on into larger trays or small pots individually. Keep them inside for an other two weeks.

Transplant the marigold outside from late May, to a sunny/partly shady position. Acclimatize the young plants to outdoor conditions before planting to final position. Leave 20-30 cm between the plants.

Remove the dead flower heads to encourage the plants to produce more flowers. Save the flower seeds by letting the dead flowers on the plants until they dry out, then collect them in dry them out completely on your windowsill on a newspaper or kitchen towel.

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