Hot Pepper - Tabasco 10 seeds


Chilli pepper Tabasco produces masses of small (2-3 cm) upright fruits, which ripen from green to yellow, orange and red. Very hot and well known (tabasco sauce) chilli. Suitable variety to grow in pots.

Sow the tabasco chilli seeds about 1 cm deep into a seed tray or in small pots or cells. Cover lightly, water and place inside at between 20-25 Celsius. Use good quality seed compost and to help the germination process, place the tray in a plastic bag, this will keep the seeds moist and warm. Sow January-March. Germination can be slow with some hot peppers. As soon as seedlings are large enough to handle, prick out.Transplant the seedlings into small individual pots. Use rich compost and keep the plants between 20-30 Celsius during the growing season.  For best production keep the plants in the greenhouse. Regular feeding is recommended.

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